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Accelerate MS is the leading office for workforce development strategy and delivery in Mississippi. Accelerate MS connects Mississippians to economic opportunities by implementing best practices in workforce readiness and career training, meeting both current and emerging employment needs.Accelerate MS’s commitment to aligning educational, training, and economic development initiatives ensures that Mississippi’s workforce is prepared to provide value to companies looking for talent. By offering career coaching, financial assistance, application and applicant screening tools, training programs, and continuous industry engagement, Accelerate MS fosters a skilled and adaptable workforce, driving positive change and economic prosperity across the state.

For more information, visit Accelerate MS.

Pearl River Community College (PRCC) is dedicated to enhancing community viability by empowering individuals and boosting business competitiveness through high-quality, short-term training programs. PRCC Workforce Training serves businesses and industries in Forrest, Lamar, Marion, Jefferson Davis, Pearl River, and Hancock Counties, ensuring companies receive top-notch training. They offer a variety of hands-on training programs, customized company training, and online workforce training to help individuals gain new, marketable skills and meet the demands of the local economy.

For more information, visit PRCC Workforce Training.