MFLEX is a one-of-a-kind tax incentive plan where the credit is calculated on a simple formula factoring planned capital investment, number of new jobs and annual payroll. There is only one application and one approval for a universal credit that can be used to offset the corporate income tax, franchise tax, sales and use tax, and the payroll withholding tax. MFLEX credits can be used over 10 years and requires annual company reporting. Here is the link to the MFLEX brochure.

Eligibility: Designed for any business entity that creates at least 10 new jobs paying 75% of the state or average wage, and/or invest $2.5 million in qualified capital expenditures.

Eligible business types include manufacturers, warehouse and/or distribution businesses, research, and development facilities, regional or national headquarters, air transportation and/or maintenance facilities, data and information processing centers, technology-intensive enterprises, telecommunications business and data centers.